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Should a landlord sort out their own Landlord Legal Forms and Documents?

The Tenancy Agreement Service was originally created to make life as simple as possible for landlords and agents.  There is so much legal jargon for landlords and this tends to make things scary and complex and therefore expensive.

The legal process for evicting a tenant in the UK can be complicated, and it is important for landlords to have all of the necessary forms and documents in order before going to court. The first step is to serve the tenant with an eviction notice, which must be done properly in order to be valid. The next step is to file a court application, which must again be done correctly in order to avoid delays or complications. After the court hearing, if the judge rules in favor of the eviction, the final step is to have the bailiffs physically remove the tenant from the property.

Self-managing a property certainly has its advantages. You have complete control over who you rent to, what kind of maintenance is done on the property, and how much you charge for rent. You may also find that you save money by self-managing, as property management companies often charge a percentage of the monthly rent amount.

On the other hand, self-managing a rental property can be very time-consuming and stressful. There is a lot of paperwork involved, from advertising the vacancy to screening tenants to preparing lease agreements. And if there are any problems with the property or tenants, you will be the one dealing with them.

So, should you manage your rental property yourself or use a property management company? MOst landlord on this website prefer to DIY! Itsd all about the yield.

We have an abundance of landlord legal guides, a Legal document library so that you can buy what you need when you need it in a 'no strings attached' sort of way, and we also have a repository of other legal forms that you may need from time to time as you manage tenancy(ies). 

Our Legal Document Library can be found here: Go to Library