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Tenancy Standing Order Request

Tired of chasing rent and drowning in paperwork? Take control with our fully customizable UK Tenancy Standing Order Form. This downloadable Word document simplifies rent collection and streamlines your rental management process.


"Solicitor Approved and Incredibly Easy to Use"

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Don't risk it

There are many templates on the internet but many are legally out of date and invalid.

They could cost you £1000's in delayed evictions. Do not make that common mistake for the sake of £15!

These legal forms and guidance notes have been professionally prepared. 

No Hidden costs 

Unlike most of our competitors we do not sign you up to any monthly memberships, clubs or tie-ins. It is just one simple price for a high quality and up to date legal document that gives you complete peace of mind with a same day money back guarantee.


Conquer Ret Collection: The Ultimate Guide to UK Tenancy Standing Orders

Tired of chasing late rent payments and dealing with messy cash transactions? Introducing the UK Tenancy Standing Order: your key to stress-free rent collection, automated payments, and peace of mind. This comprehensive guide unlocks the power of Standing Orders, empowering you to streamline your rental property management and cultivate reliable, positive relationships with your tenants.

What are Standing Orders?

Think of Standing Orders as automatic rent collectors. These instructions authorise your bank to transfer rent payments directly to your account on predefined dates, every month. Here's why they're the landlord's dream:

  • Guaranteed on-time payments: Say goodbye to chasing late fees and chasing down elusive tenants. Standing Orders ensure consistent, predictable income flow.
  • Effortless administration: Simplify your workflow. No more manual reminders, paperwork, or late-night accounting sessions. The system works, so you can focus on strategic tasks.
  • Enhanced transparency: Both you and your tenants have clear, agreed-upon payment terms, minimising confusion and potential disputes.
  • Boosted tenant satisfaction: Reliable rent processing fosters trust and strengthens relationships with your tenants.
  • Immediate problem notification: If a payment fails, you're alerted instantly, allowing you to proactively address any underlying issues.

Standing Orders vs. Direct Debits:

While similar, they offer key differences:

  • Control: With Standing Orders, tenants control the payment amount. They initiate any changes, giving them greater flexibility.
  • Security: Landlords retain control over their accounts. You're never at risk of unauthorised changes or deductions.

Faster Payments System:

Enjoy near real-time rent transfers with the Faster Payments System. Participating banks credit your account within hours, further enhancing your cash flow efficiency.

Benefits for Both Landlords and Tenants:

Landlords can expect:

  • Reduced stress and workload.
  • Improved financial planning and budgeting.
  • Minimised risk of late payments and arrears.
  • Stronger tenant relationships and retention.

Tenants enjoy:

  • Automated, hassle-free payments.
  • Clear, predictable rent schedules.
  • Greater control over their finances.
  • Efficient, professional rental management.

Implementing Standing Orders:

  • Provide clear instructions and resources to your tenants.
  • Utilise readily available Standing Order forms.
  • Choose a bank or building society offering Faster Payments.
  • Monitor your accounts for timely payment notifications.

Invest in peace of mind and unlock the power of automated rent collection with UK Tenancy Standing Orders. Download resources, access forms, and learn more about managing your rentals seamlessly today!