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DIY Section 21 Notice Pack

This has been updated to reflect the changes in the law 

This Section 21 Notice  is used to end a residential Assured Shorthold Tenancy either before or after the initial fixed term has ended. This is a mandatory document for any landlord wishing to regain possession or agree a new tenancy and must be completed correctly in this 'prescribed legal form' to be valid.  


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Did you know that about 60% of the Tenancy Documents online are legally out of date and therefore legally invalid.  They could cost you £1000's in lost rent and legal fees. Don't do it.  Our legal documents have been professionally prepared by leading solicitor, Kevin Morgan.

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When to use this Section 21 Notice

This document is suitable for a landlord who has let his or her property under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement (AST), where the fixed term of the tenancy has expired and a periodic tenancy is in place.

A Section 21 notice is the only valid way of ending an assured shorthold tenancy where the tenants have not breached the tenancy agreement. It must also be completed in a prescribed format to be valid. Your tenant may be able to refuse to leave the property if you don’t serve the notice correctly.

Section 21 Notice features and contents

  • Recognised by courts: This notice is in the prescribed format
  • Use to end a tenancy and agree new terms with previous tenants (e.g. should you wish to increase rent)
  • Remains valid indefinitely 

Excellent Guidance Notes Included

This legal document comes with a step by step guide in plain English as to how you complete this document and what all the legal terms mean. We have made it simple and easy to use.

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