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Property Inventory

Complete peace of mind · Simple & Cost Effective · Incredibly easy to use 

Ask any landlord or property manager and they will tell you that having an accurate and agreed inventory at the start of a tenancy is of paramount importance.

The contents of each room are listed with an entry for each item including a brief description and/or model number, description of any existing defects or damage, and the number of duplicates.  Where similar items differ in condition, each is recorded separately.

A brief description of any existing damage or defects to walls, ceilings, floor and/or windows is given in the ‘Decoration’ section for each room.

This Property Inventory is suitable for use with a Tenancy Agreement. It has most standard furnishings and fittings already listed but can be easily edited by you to suit your own needs.

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A  property inventory should be made by the landlord or their agent prior to commencement of any let to avoid disputes later on. This document should be agreed by the tenant preferrably by them signing it. The inventory should include all those items included in the let, and note any damage existing.

This document has many normal furnishings and fittings already listed, allowing quick selection and preparation. You can easily extend the document to include additional rooms and/or items of property.

This document can be used in conjunction with a Tenancy Agreement to compare against condition of items on termination of the tenancy.