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Get your Updated Legal Documents Now


If you just clicked on my email, maybe you are after your updated Landlord Documents.  Especially the Tenancy Agreement and the various notices (Section 21 and Section 8) you will need to increase the rent or end a tenancy.

This last 12 months has been hard for everyone and there have been many tweaks and changes to the legal documents to keep up with government guidance. 

You can buy them separately for £14.95 but to make it simpler and cheaper for you we are including them all for £15.25!.  That is right, a saving of £50 - £90.  You can get it below.

Download my Landlord Saver Pack Now >>

Our Mission

We help landlords and agents sort out their landlrod legal forms  quickly, and cheaply.

I practised as a solicitor for 7 years in a national law firm and saw  first-hand how slow and painful it can be for sort out simple legal things.  Sometimes lawyers are worth their weight in gold, but when it comes to the little things like standard documents they, (and letting agents), tend to slow things down.

In the last 12 months we helped 271,551 different people with something related to a Tenancy Matter. Next year we hope it will be even more.  

Download YOUR  Landlord Saver Pack Now >>