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Section 21 Notice to regain possession of a property

Section 21 Notice Checklist before serving

Section 21 Notice checklist

The ten-step process outlined below is suitable for assured shorthold tenancy agreements that start on or after October 1, 2015. 

You can read more about Section 21 Notices here.

  1. The tenant has a gas safety card that is no more than a year old (if the property has a gas supply)
  2. A copy of the 'How to Rent' handbook from the UK government has been delivered.
  3. The tenant has been issued an energy efficiency certificate (not applicable for a room in a HMO with shared facilities)
  4. After four months had passed since the commencement of the tenancy, the Section 21 Notice was delivered.
  5. 2 months notice is given
  6. In the previous six months, a Section 21 Notice was delivered.
  7. Over the previous six months, the Council hasn't issued an Improvement Notice or an Emergency Remedial Notice regarding the property.
  8. The tenant has not previously made a written complaint to the landlord regarding the property's state before receiving the Section 21 Notice.
  9. The Section 21 Notice was supplied on Form 6A, which is similar to Form 6A but not quite the same.
  10. The tenancy isn't a HMO under the Council's selective licensing scheme or a mandatory licensing program.
  11. If a deposit was taken before 6 April 2007, and the deposit is still protected or has been repaid to the tenant before the Section 21 Notice is given, it will not be subject to repossession.
  12. The tenant was given the necessary information on how their deposit had been safeguarded.
  13. Within 30 days of the landlord receiving it, the deposit was safeguarded in a program.

Section 21 Notice to regain possession of a property