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About the Money Claims Service - who can use this?

The Money Claims Service is a relatively new online service which allows people to make money claims for up to £10,000.

This service is available to people in England and Wales and allows them to quickly and easily make a claim for a fixed amount of money.

The service is designed to make the process of making a claim simpler and more accessible, and can be used for claims against individuals or organisations.

In order to use the Money Claims Service, you need to have a valid credit or debit card to pay the court fees, an address in the UK, an email address and regular access to a computer and the internet.

The Money Claims Service is not suitable for everyone, and there are some conditions which must be met in order to use it. For example, you must be over 18 years old, you cannot be eligible for legal aid or ‘Help with Fees’ and you cannot use the service to make a claim for compensation for an accident or injury. The service also cannot be used to make a claim against a child under 18, someone who lacks ‘mental capacity’, a government department or agency or an individual or company as a result of a tribunal award.

The Money Claims Service is designed to make the process of making a claim simpler and more accessible.

It is particularly useful for landlords in the UK, who often need to make claims for unpaid rent or damage to their property.

Once a claim is submitted, the defendant has 14 days to respond. If they admit owing the money or do not respond, the court can order them to pay without a hearing. If the defendant does not act on the Order, the landlord can ask the court to take action, which may result in paying another fee.

It is important to note that the rules and procedures for the civil courts, which include claims issued through the Money Claims Service, are contained in the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). The specific rules for the Money Claims Service are contained in Practice Direction (PD) 7E, and it is recommended to check this to ensure that the claim is suitable for the service. Furthermore, many other rules and directions within the CPR still apply to claims issued in the Money Claims Service, so it is important to understand the legal basis for your claim and to seek legal advice if necessary.

Overall, the Money Claims Service is a useful and accessible tool which can help landlords in the UK to quickly and easily make money claims up to £10,000. It is important to understand the conditions and requirements for using the service, as well as to be aware of the relevant rules and procedures, in order to ensure that the claim is successful.