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Tenant Fees Act 2019

This package includes the Tenant Fee Act 2019 which is provided subject to Crown Copyright.   It bans all fees except those expressly permitted.

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  • Tenancy Agreement (Value £14.97)
  • Section 21 Notice Requiring Possession (Value £14.97)
  • Section 8 Notice to Quit (Value £14.97)
  • Section 13 Rent Increase notice (Value £14.97)
  • Letter of Guarantee (Value £9.97)
  • Standing order request (Value £9.97)
  • Property inventory (Value £9.97


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Tenant Fees Act 2019 CHAPTER 4 CONTENTS Prohibitions etc applying to landlords and letting agents 1 Prohibitions applying to landlords 2 Prohibitions applying to letting agents 3 Prohibited and permitted payments 4 Effect of a breach of section 1 or 2 5 Treatment of holding deposit Enforcement 6 Enforcement by local weights and measures authorities 7 Enforcement by district councils 8 Financial penalties 9 Power to amend maximum financial penalties 10 Recovery by enforcement authority of amount paid 11 Interest on payments under section 10 12 Offences 13 Offences by bodies corporate 14 Duty to notify when taking enforcement action 15 Recovery by relevant person of amount paid 16 Assistance to recover amount paid 17 Restriction on terminating tenancy Amendments to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 18 Duty to publicise fees on third party websites 19 Information about membership of client money protection scheme 20 Penalties for continuing breach of duty Client money protection schemes 21 Enforcement of client money protection schemes for property agents 22 Client money protection schemes: approval and designation 23 Client money protection schemes: requirement to belong to a scheme etc ii Tenant Fees Act 2019 (c. 4) Lead enforcement authority 24 Lead enforcement authority 25 General duties of the lead enforcement authority 26 Enforcement by the lead enforcement authority General interpretation 27 Meaning of “letting agent” and related expressions 28 Interpretation Final provisions 29 Consequential amendments 30 Transitional provision 31 Financial provisions 32 Crown application 33 Extent 34 Commencement 35 Short title Schedule 1 — Permitted payments Schedule 2 — Treatment of holding deposit Schedule 3 — Financial penalties etc