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Repairing Obligations Guide

Download your guide to the obligations of landlords and tenants in assured shorthold tenancies.  

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If you are currently a landlord or a tenant renting a property through an Assured Shorthold Tenancy or periodic tenancy there are various repair obligations imposed by law to ensure the property is in good and safe working order.

The repair rights and responsibilities for a landlord and tenant are set out in Section 11 the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

It is important to pay close attention to the tenancy agreement as tenants’ responsibilities for repairs can differ for each particular tenancy.  The Landlord must always adhere to the responsibilities set out in Section 11 even if there is no express mention of them in the tenancy agreement. 

This guide covers all the key areas including:

1. Structure & Exterior

2. Exceptions to the legal obligations

3. Furniture and equipment

4. Tenant Resposnibilities

5. Notice of Repairs

6. Electrical repairs

7. Communal areas and gardens