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Repairing Obligations Guide

Landlord & Tenant Survival Guide: Master Your Rights & Responsibilities (UK)

Don't get lost in the legal maze! Whether you're a landlord navigating the complexities of renting or a tenant seeking to understand your rights, this comprehensive guide is your essential toolkit.

Inside, you'll find:

  • Crystal-clear explanations: Demystify key areas like property structure, exterior maintenance, furniture, tenant responsibilities, and more.
  • Section 11 mastery: Dive deep into the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, ensuring compliance and avoiding legal pitfalls.
  • Notice of repairs made easy: Learn the proper procedures for reporting and handling repair requests, including electrical issues.
  • Communal harmony: Understand your obligations and rights regarding shared spaces like gardens and hallways.
  • Peace of mind at every step: This guide empowers you to navigate your rental relationship with confidence and clarity.

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Untangling Repair Responsibilities in UK Tenancies: A Guide for Landlords and Tenants

Navigating repairs in a UK tenancy can be a tangled web of obligations. This guide aims to untangle the threads, outlining the respective responsibilities of landlords and tenants in assured shorthold tenancies and periodic tenancies.

Landlord's Duties:

Building Blocks: The landlord shoulders the responsibility for maintaining the property's core structure and exterior, encompassing walls, windows, doors, roof, boundary walls, fences, steps, paths, and drives.

Internal Plumbing and Fixtures: Basins, sinks, baths, toilets, and their associated pipes and drains fall under the landlord's repair purview.

Warmth and Hot Water: Ensuring a functioning heating system and reliable hot water supply is a fundamental landlord obligation.

Gas Safety First: Gas appliances, pipes, flues, and ventilation must be kept in good working order by the landlord, prioritizing gas safety in the property.

Electrical Wizardry: The electrical wiring system poses a significant risk if faulty, and maintaining its safety and functionality is solely the landlord's responsibility.

Repair Faux Pas: If a landlord's attempt at repairs causes further damage, they are liable for rectifying the issue at their own expense.

Shared Spaces: In multi-occupancy dwellings, maintaining common areas like staircases generally falls within the landlord's domain. However, always refer to the specific clauses in the tenancy agreement.

Tenant's Responsibilities:

Tenancy Agreement Stipulations: Only undertake repairs explicitly permitted in the tenancy agreement. Do not assume responsibility for issues that fall under the landlord's obligation.

Third-Party Accountability: If a tenant or their guests damage another tenant's flat or communal areas, they are liable for the repair costs.

Family and Friend-Caused Damage: Tenants are accountable for any damage caused by their family and friends within the property.

Reporting Repairs and Addressing Delays:

Prompt Communication: Both landlords and tenants should promptly communicate any repair issues. Landlords should be notified immediately, especially for health risks like faulty electrical wiring. Tenants should provide detailed descriptions or photos to facilitate efficient repairs.

Repair Timeframes: Landlords should inform tenants of the expected repair timeline. While waiting for repairs, rent remains payable unless the property is deemed unfit for habitation.

Seeking Support: If repairs are unreasonably delayed or neglected, tenants can seek support from resources like Citizens Advice, Shelter, or the government guidance available online. In England and Wales, contacting the environmental health department may be necessary if the conditions pose potential health risks or create a nuisance for others. In Scotland, tenants can reach out to the Private Rented Housing Panel (PRHP).

Serious Conditions and Unfit Habitation:

Unlivable Conditions: If a tenant finds their home unsafe or unlivable due to disrepair, they should contact their local council's housing department. The department will conduct a Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) assessment and take necessary action if the issues meet the threshold for intervention.

Regional Variations: Remember, housing standards and procedures differ across the UK. Tenants in Scotland and Northern Ireland should refer to the respective resources for specific guidance in these regions.


By understanding their respective roles and responsibilities regarding repairs, both landlords and tenants can navigate tenancies with clear expectations and maintain a harmonious living environment. Open communication, prompt action, and utilizing available resources are key to ensuring everyone's safety and well-being within the property.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of repair responsibilities in UK tenancies. However, remember to consult your specific tenancy agreement and seek professional legal advice if needed.

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This free guide has provided a valuable roadmap for navigating repairs in your UK tenancy. But for those seeking true peace of mind and comprehensive security, downloading the full guide unlocks in depth understanding, specifics and peace of mind.