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Housing Act 1988

One of the most commonly referred to statutes in Landlord and Tenant law is the Housing Act 1988.

You can download the Housing Act 1988 HERE

We have recently seen much legislation to give tenants greater rights and protection.  In the past, renting was in favour of tenants and the Housing Act 1988 came into force to encourage landlords into the sector by giving them a greater array of rights. Before that, landlords could end up with long term tenancies with adverse implications.

One of the key changes related to Rent Controls.  It was believed by parliament that landlords should be free to decide what rent was appropriate and that market forces would self-regulate the sector.  Rent can therefore be increased at renewal.

Changes were also added to allow Landlords to end a tenancy under Section 21 by serving notice after a fixed term.  

What is the relationship between the tenancy agreement and the Housing Act 1988?  Well, you cannot contract out of the laws of the land.  This means , landlords must ensure that all tenancy agreements comply with the Housing Act 1988 and all other pieces of legislation.