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Court Form N9 Ask for more time to file a defence 'acknowledgment of service'

Form N9 is a court form used in the UK to request an extension of time to file a defence to a claim in civil proceedings.

This form is typically used when a defendant wishes to dispute a claim but needs more time to prepare a defence or to obtain legal advice.

The form is divided into three sections.

Section 1 requires details of the parties, the claim number, the court and the date the claim was issued.

Section 2 requires the defendant to explain why they need an extension of time and how long they need to file a defence.

Section 3 requires the defendant to provide a date by which they anticipate filing the defence.

The form must be filed with the court as soon as possible. The court may grant an extension of up to 28 days if the defendant can show good cause for needing more time.

If the defendant fails to file the form within the 28 day deadline, the court may proceed with the claim without giving the defendant an opportunity to file a defence.

Important note

It is important to note that Form N9 is only used to request an extension of time to file a defence. If the defendant wishes to dispute the claim they must file a defence within the time limit set by the court. If the defendant fails to file a defence in time, the court may make a default judgement in favour of the claimant.

 Download Court form N9 here