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Tenancy Agreements (Pets Allowed)

Our Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) is the UK's most popular legal document for landlords. It provides a legally binding agreement for tenants with pets, including clauses for what pets are allowed, and indemnity for any damage caused by the pet. Save time and have peace of mind knowing that you are complaint with UK law. Make your AST with us today and get the assurance that your rental property is secure.


"Solicitor Approved and Incredibly Easy to Use"

kevin morgan solicitor

Don't risk it

There are many templates on the internet but many are legally out of date and invalid.

They could cost you £1000's in delayed evictions. Do not make that common mistake for the sake of £15!

These legal forms and guidance notes have been professionally prepared. 

No Hidden costs 

Unlike most of our competitors we do not sign you up to any monthly memberships, clubs or tie-ins. It is just one simple price for a high quality and up to date legal document that gives you complete peace of mind with a same day money back guarantee.


An Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement is the most frequently used tenancy agreement in the letting of residential properties. This type of agreement is also referred to as an "AST" or "Shorthold Tenancy". 

Please note that from 1st December tenancies in Wales become 'Occupation Contracts' under the new laws.  This download includes the two model 'written statements' (agreements).

Strong legal protection for landlords

As a landlord, being familiar with residential tenancy law is critical to maintaining your legal rights. The letting process can be safely navigated by having a document in place that protects your interests as much as possible while adhering to the law.

This document will help ensure your full legal protection.

To suit all tenancies

No two tenancy agreements are the same - each one requires different terms, depending on the situation. This agreement offers more than most others.

Of course, you also have the option to include or exclude terms that normally would be in such a template but might not be necessary for your specific case (such as a provision to use a separate managing agent).

Easy to edit

It is easy to remove what you don't want from the document because of its structure.

The language we use is plain English so your tenant will never be able to say they didn't understand it.

We also include a guarantor agreement

We always encourage landlords to put in place a third-party guarantee.

Additional included letters and forms make management even simpler

To make property management easier, we have included additional commonly used forms and letters:

  • Draft inventory form
  • Eviction Notices (Section 8, 21)
  • Rent Increase Notices

Is this AST suitable for your letting?

The basic qualifying conditions for an AST are:

  • rent between £1,000 and £100,000 per year
  • short tenancy period: 6 months to a maximum of 6 years
  • the tenant is a private individual and not a company
  • the property will be used for residential purposes only (not business or agriculture)
  • the tenant has exclusive occupation of the property

The law relating to this document

This agreement complies with:

  • the Housing Acts (1988 and 1996)
  • the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme introduced in April 2007 and updates since then, including the availability of new insurance based tenant deposit protection schemes in April 2013
  • the Tenant Fees Act 2019