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Written Statement - Standard Occupation Contract - Wales

This occupation contract for a house in Wales provides a comprehensive agreement for landlords and tenants, compliant with the new Welsh rental laws. It sets out the terms of the rental relationship, providing evidence of the agreed terms should a dispute arise. This contract gives landlords peace of mind, a sense of compliance and the ability to professionally manage their rental. 

This pack includes both  the Occupation Contract for Wales and the Tenancy Deposit Scheme Notice for Wales.


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Please note that from 1st December tenancies in Wales become 'Occupation Contracts' under the new laws.  This download includes the two model 'written statements' (agreements).

The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 introduces two types of occupation contracts: standard and secure.

Standard contracts replace most assured shorthold tenancy agreements and licenses to occupy, and are either fixed-term or periodic (week to week or month to month).

Landlords must provide their contract-holder with a written statement setting out the terms of the occupation contract within 14 days of the date the contract-holder is entitled to begin occupying the property.

Model written statements for both periodic and fixed term standard occupation contracts have been published by the Welsh Government.

The terms of occupation contracts are divided into four categories:

  • Key Matters,
  • Fundamental Terms,
  • Supplementary Terms
  • Additional Terms.

Parties can also be added to the contract as joint contract-holders with the consent of the landlord, and a contract-holder can leave the contract without the tenancy ending.

A contract-holder cannot be evicted without a court order unless the contract-holder abandons the dwelling. For no-fault evictions, the minimum notice period is six months.

A landlord can still terminate early if the contract-holder is in breach of contract, such as serious arrears of rent, anti-social behaviour, or failing to take proper care of the property.