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Welcome to Landlord Yield

What is Landlord Yield?

In the last 12 months we have supported a little over 271,900 landlords with their buy to lets.  This has included everything from our core Legal Document offerings and Legal Advice Helpline to our Landlord News and Free Landlord Guides many of which are ranked at the very top

of Google which should tell you a bit about our reputation.

We have made lots of friends especially because over 95% of what we do is 100% FREE and we don't hide behind pay walls or demand emails we just put helpful information out there to be helpful. But we do not want to rest on our laurels.

I regularly ask my Landlord friends, (Ben, Pete and Rob), what do you really want and need to know?  

In a nutshell they have all said in a roundabout way

"I own bricks and I just want to get the maximum yield and make the most of it. Help me in under 3 minutes a month stay in the loop"

It is an investment and they want to keep tabs on how their investment is going on a monthly basis. Fair enough.  So, our plan is to email you once a month and give you a snapshot about your Buy to Let so you have the key information at your fingertips. If you use a letting agent it will give you great questions to ask when you next speak.  

House Price Index

Are house prices going up or down in their area

Interest Rates

What is the current base rate and what are the forecasts for the year ahead

Landlord News

Landlord News - What is the latest news affecting Landlords, (legal and otherwise). I will share from our site but also a few links to other 'must reads' elsewhere.

Quick Links

Quick Links to our Most Popular Legal Docs - and a monthly prompt to download them.

Landlord Deals

Everyone loves a deal.  Maybe we can use our scale to get you some offers with some of the top suppliers to Landlords. Not for us to get commission  but maybe we can pass on 100% of that to you.