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Environmental Protection Act 1990

The Environmental Protection Act 1990, is a UK act of parliament which introduces the legal authority  for waste management and the control of emissions into the environment.

What is a Statutory Nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990?

A statutory nuisance is something that, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, affects a person’s health or causes disturbance to them in their property. Nuisance can broadly be defined as something that unreasonably affects somebody's use and enjoyment of their home and property.

Where the actions of a landlord constitute a statutory nuisance there are powers to prosecute the individuals and prevent the said nuisance.   The extract from the Environmental Protection Act 1990 is below:

Part III Statutory Nuisances and Clean Air

  1. Statutory nuisances . . .
    1. 79.Statutory nuisances and inspections therefor.
    2. 80. Summary proceedings for statutory nuisances.
    3. 80ZA.Fixed penalty notice: supplemental
    4. 80A. Abatement notice in respect of noise in street.
    5. 81. Supplementary provisions.

You can download the full Act HERE