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Useful documents for landlords

Tenancy Agreements

These are Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements (ASTs). They are the most common type of residential lease agreement and are suitable where the rent is less than 25,000 per annum. If the rent is in excess of this then it is not an AST and these documents aren't suitable. Read more about ASTs.

The above tenancy agreements all come complete with an inventory. An inventory is a critical part of any tenancy agreement - it records what is included in the rental and what conditions the items are in.

Notice to Quit documents

Section 8

A landlord can use this document where the tenancy is not at end, but where the tenant has breached one or more of the obligations in the tenancy agreement. The most common reason will be for late payment, or non payment of rent, although any other breaches will suffice. Read our page on Section 8 for more details.

Section 21

If you require possession of your property and the tenant hasn't breached the terms of the tenancy you can serve a Section 21 notice (even if they have breached a term of the agreement this is still often the quickest way to gain possession). Read more about Section 21.

This is the statutory section 21(a) form for use by a landlord when he seeks possession of a periodic tenancy.

This is the statutory section 21(b) form for use by a landlord when he seeks possession of a fixed term tenancy.

Landlords Pack

You can save money by buying a pack of useful documents and letters for letting property together rather than individually.

The Landlords pack includes:

  • Assured shorthold tenancy agreement
  • Non-assured shorthold tenancy agreement
  • Withdrawal of section 25 notice
  • Section 21b notice to terminate fixed term tenancy
  • Section 21a notice to terminate periodic tenancy
  • Section 8 notice for possession
  • Security Deposit Rent receipt Deposit Protection Details
  • Letter warning of late payment of rent
  • Letter claiming rent arrears Letter to housing benefit department

Select the relevant link below to order your pack of documents:

Assured Shorthold Tenancies - your complete guide to section 21

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